Molly Malone's has a long standing tradition of showcasing the finest musical talent in the Los Angeles area. We feature most styles of music at least 5 nights a week. On any given night you could see an acoustic performance, rock, pop, indie, country, bluegrass, americana, or reggae. Molly's features both local and national touring acts and the cover charge varies depending on the show.

Mollys music program has been running for over 30 years. Many famous and not so famous artists have performed here. For instance, Molly's was the weekly home to the Irish band Flogging Molly, who performed each Monday night for several years in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Many other emerging artists have graced our stages over the years (Weezer, 5 for Fighting, Train). We've also had other established artists like Jerry Cantrell, Michelle Shocked, Peter Case and Tears For Fears grace our stage. On any given night special guests may sit in. Over the years these guests have included Lucinda Williams, Jonny Lang, Lenny Kravitz, Joan Osbourne and the Counting Crows.

Booking for Molly Malone's:

Molly Malones Irish Pub has always provided some of the best local, national and international bands for our customers.

If you are interested in booking Molly Malones, please contact Angela Frost at

Submissions may be sent to:

Molly Malone's
575 South Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Stage and gear:

System Specs:

PA: EV 4 x ZX5 tops with 2 pair 18" TX2181 subs 3-way front of House with EV amps.

Monitors: 5 on-stage discrete mixes: 4 x QSC K 10's across front and 1 EV SAX250 at drum position.

Front of house board: Behringer X32 digital board with 30 on-stage channels.

Mic package: Sennheiser: 5 x e935, 2 x e945, 3 x e908D, 3 x e604, 1 x e902, 1 x e905, 1 x e901, 2 x e914, 2 x e614, 4 x e906

Mic Stands: Ultimate: 6 x boom arm and 4 straight stands.

Lights: American DJ: 12 x Par64B and 4 x DJ Spots movers controlled with MyDMX2 software.


Drum kit: Mapex Meridian Maple Kit: 22" kick, 10" , 12" & 16" toms. Hardware: 4x cymbals stands, hi hat, snare stand & throne.

Bass rig: Ampeg PF-500 bass amp & Ampeg SVT-610HLF bass cabinet.

Guitar rigs: 2 Bugera 2 x 12” combo valve guitar amps.