Live Music Booking

Molly Malone's LA has a long standing tradition of showcasing the finest musical talent in the Los Angeles area.
On any given night you could see an acoustic performance or rock, pop, indie of country bands.

Molly's features both local and national touring acts.

Please check out calendar section for lot check out our shows.

Booking for Molly Malone's:

If you are interested in booking a live show at Molly Malones, please contact our Talent Buyer Angela Frost at


Drum kit: Mapex Meridian Maple Kit: 22" kick, 10" , 12" & 16" toms. Hardware: 4x cymbals stands, hi hat, snare stand & throne.

Bass rig: Ampeg PF-500 bass amp & Ampeg SVT-610HLF bass cabinet.

Guitar rigs: 2 Bugera 2 x 12” combo valve guitar amps.

System Specs:

PA: EV 4 x ZX5 tops with 2 pair 18" TX2181 subs 3-way front of House with EV amps.

Monitors: 5 on-stage discrete mixes: 4 x QSC K 10's across front and 1 EV SAX250 at drum position.

Front of house board: Behringer X32 digital board with 30 on-stage channels.

Mic package: Sennheiser: 5 x e935, 2 x e945, 3 x e908D, 3 x e604, 1 x e902, 1 x e905, 1 x e901, 2 x e914, 2 x e614, 4 x e906

Mic Stands: Ultimate: 6 x boom arm and 4 straight stands.

Lights: American DJ: 12 x Par64B and 4 x DJ Spots movers controlled with MyDMX2 software.