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Home of Irish coffee...

About us

Molly Malone's has been owned and operated by the same Irish family for 50 years. Walking in, you'd think a Dublin Pub had been miraculously transported to Los Angeles. This local institution has been featured in such movies as Leaving Las Vegas, Patriot Games, and Life Without Dick, and has a long standing tradition of showcasing the finest musical talent in the Los Angeles area.

The walls of the pub are covered by over 70 paintings by noted Irish portrait painter Neil Boyle. These portraits depict both notable Irish figures and longtime Molly Malone's patrons and staff.

Live music at Molly Malone's

The club initially featured Irish troubadours performing drinking songs and traditional Irish music. The program has evolved to include mostly original music from up and coming songwriters and bands. The focus is on rootsy, listenable music with strong vocals and talented side musicians. Most styles can be heard at Molly's at one time or another however we do not usually feature hard rock or metal. Molly's has a casual atmosphere and warm, local feeling and it is not unusual for special guests to appear. Guest artists who have appeared include Michelle Shocked, Flogging Molly, Joan Osborne, Jeff Healey, Lucinda Williams and Lenny Kravitz to name just a few.